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This lålai is the second installment of a three part series: Kånta (song), Lålai (chant) yan Baila (dance).

Part 1 Lålai: San Lagu The Journey Continues…

Part 2 Lålai: Islas Marianas


My heart is my beautiful family tysm for holding it down while I’m away. Javie and my kids I LOVE YOU ALL!

A message to the Master: Frank/Kiko, I report to you once again. Another monumental documentary capturing our people preserving our culture through song, dance, and chant. Standby…

Many more to come…

For the love of our people!

Love, Eric

Teddy “Fugu” Salas and Micah “The Mogul” Manaitai, another amazing job! Your dedication and generosity are a testament to your commitment to perpetuating our rich CHamoru culture. Your professionalism and talent have not only captured the essence of our culture but also the beautiful voices of our people. I appreciate you working side by side with me to create a lasting legacy that will inspire future generations. Thank you for giving back to our community and our people in such a meaningful way. Another project down in the books.

Erin Sablan-Tanaka, thank you for your amazing sound engineering and audio talent that lead to capturing the beautiful sound and essence of all the Guma’s in Texas.

Cotch Diaz (Cotch Media) thank you for contributing your talent and time capturing this project.

Saina Rosemary, thank you for accompanying me everywhere during this project and moving mountains to make it happen. This is what we have been working towards since the beginning: perpetuating, promoting, preserving, practicing and performing our CHamoru culture through song, dance, and chant. Sis, thank you for single handedly taking our CHamoru ancient choreography to another level for Lålai, our people are so blessed and this is one for the ages. We have many more projects to come sis.

Thank you so much Michelle Arellano Yasuda for documenting and capturing the history for project Lålai!

Saina Heidi, thank you for always being by my side every step of the way and believing in my vision. Your never ending support is a cornerstone of this project and those to come. None of this is possible without the unbreakable bond that we have for the love of our culture. Thank you!

Joel, thank you for your 30+ years in perpetuating and promoting our culture and for your out of this world vocals for the music of Lålai. Your music and your vocals have impacted our people in more ways than one. Si yu’us ma’åse for being part of this project and joining me in moving the pacific sound for ages to come.

A huge thank you to the iCrowN MarIanas Production Team! Tarra, Tricia and Erin your time and dedication are truly unmatched, words cannot describe the level of effort you three have given to this project. Your sacrifices ensured that my vision and the efforts of all twelve (12) Guma’s were valued and impactful. I couldn’t have done this without “The Dream Team.”


Credits: Produced by: Fafa’na’gue Eric Reyes

Written & Composed by: Fafa’na’gue Eric Reyes

*Kao un Tungo – Written by: Saina Frank Rabon

Music by: Saina Eric Reyes

Music & Vocal Arrangements by: Fafa’na’gue Eric Reyes

Lålai choreography by: Fafa’na’gue Rosemary Mantanona

Music & Sound Engineering by: Teddy Salas, Micah Manaitai & Erin Tanaka


Audio/Instrumental Recording:

Northridge CA – Ole’ Studios

Pasadena CA – Micah “The Mogul” Manaitai Studios

San Antonio TX – Cimarron Clubhouse

Las Vegas NV – Cine Artero Residence

San Diego CA – Jiai Aikido

Group Filming:

San Diego CA – Jiai Aikido

San Diego CA – Sons and Daughters of Guam Club Video

Editor: Erin Sablan-Tanaka & Tricia Yamasta-McDermott

Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals: Fafa’na’gue Saina Eric Reyes

Guitar & Harmony Vocals: Joel Larimer

Guitar Picking & Bass Singer: Teddy Salas

Bass Guitar & Low Harmony : Micah Manaitai

Demo Lead Singer: Tarra VanMeter

Studio Drummer: Fua Mantanona Duquet

Studio Soprano Singer: Jorell Tuncap

Guma’ Credits:

GUMA’ IMÅHEN TAOTAO TANO’ – Fafa’na’gue Rosemary Mantanona (San Diego CA)

GUMA’ KUTTURAN CHAMORU – Fafa’nague Heidi Chargualaf-Quenga (Long Beach CA)

GUMA’ IMÅHE – Ma’gas Guma’ Joel Larimer (Tacoma WA)

GUMA’ IRENSIA – Ma’gas Guma’ Anissa Acfalle (San Diego CA)

GUMA’ UNO HIT – Ma’gas Guma’ Jenise Leon Guerrero Cruz (San Diego CA)

GUMA’ HASSO I GIMA’ I METGOT MANGGÅFFA – Ma’gas Guma’ Alyssa LeFever (Killeen TX)

GUMA’ INETNON FAMAGU’ON GUAHAN – Ma’gas Guma’ Daniel “Turtle” Mendiola (Killeen TX)

GUMA’ ININAN MARIÅNAS – Ma’gas Guma’ Jamieana Wolford, Ma’gas Guma’ Courtney Wolford, Ma’gas Guma’ Drea Sablan-Tanaka (San Antonio TX)

GUMA’ TA HITA – Ma’gas Guma’ Tricia Yamasta-McDermott (Texas)

GUMA’ KUTTURAN MARIÅNAS – Ma’gas Guma’ Kenneth Simmons, Ma’gas Guma’ Carlynn Komiyama, Ma’gas Guma’ Kalani Mundo-Tainatongo (Las Vegas NV)

GUMA’ BAILADORA – Ma’gas Guma’ Jesselyn Cruz (Tacoma WA)

GUMA’ HÅLE’ PARA AGUPA’ – Ma’gas Guma’ Cevina Garner & Ma’gas Guma’ Teresita Guevara Daniel (D.C., Maryland, Virginia)

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