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Sons and Daughters of Guam Club Officers and Board

The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club is a social and cultural organization that aims to bring together individuals with a deep connection to Guam. The club welcomes both native Guam residents and those with ties to the island who share an interest in celebrating the unique culture and traditions of Guam. Members of the club participate in a variety of events and activities, including dance performances, cultural workshops, and social events, allowing individuals to connect with each other and continue to uphold Guam’s rich cultural heritage. The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club offers a supportive and welcoming community for those who wish to connect with others who share a love for the island and its people.

Sons and Daughters of Guam Club Officers

Antolin S Taijeron President

Antolin S Taijeron, President

Alicia S. Tomarchio, Vice President

Frances Hara, Secretary

Jessica Evaristo assitant secretary

Jessica Evaristo, Assitant Secretary

Jeanette L Perez, Treasurer

Randy Camacho, Sergeant at Arms

Sons and Daughters of Guam Club Board of Directors

june s hawkins chairperson

June’ S. Hawkins, Chairperson

brienda m diaz co-chair

Brienda M. Diaz, Co-Chair

Sandra Bently Board Member

Sandra Bently, Board Member

Joyce Borja Board Member

Joyce Borja, Board Member

Jacqueline Cepeda Board Member

Jacqueline Cepeda, Board Member

Lola Gogue Board Member

Lola Gogue, Board Member

Bernadita T Iseman Board Member

Bernadita T. Iseman, Board Member

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